Assistant Box Using Markers

The easiest way to put the assistant into an assistant style is to use the markers located in the data tab.

Here are some screenshots to walk you through the process.

Go to the Data tab and click on Markers and select manage rules.

Select “New Rule” and type in what you would like to title the rule.

Select “Add criteria” For the criteria you will want to put “yes” in the find what, drop down the option for find where and select the assistant column and the comparison can be contains or you can drop down the option and select one that best fits your criteria. Click ok and ok again.

Now you rule is all set up. At this point you just need to attach a marker for the assistant. Select “attach Marker” Check update data field value if Marker is applied. Choose the assistant option. Type in yes for data field value. Check off Update Box’s arrange style and choose the assistant. Click ok.

Click Apply Active Markers Now

This will put the assistants into the assistant style.