Create a Background Template in the OrgChart Software

To create a background template in the OrgChart software go to your view tab, master page. From there you can use your components tab to put legends, logos or color the background.

Go to your view tab and master page

Underneath Chart design within the components tab you can browse out for logos or put legends into the master page:

You can also put a field name to display things like department, headcount, any field that you have brought in from your data source or that is pre-defined in the software.

If you wanted to color in the background you can right click anywhere in the white, go to background and the fill style.

After you are done setting up the master page, you can go back to the view tab and click on normal

At the point you can save your template to access for new charts by going to file, save as project template.

Now you can go into the design tab and browse out where the templates are saved and apply it to the charts.