9 Boxes in OrgChart Software

To add 9-boxes into the OrgChart Software, you will first need to create your OrgChart from the data source. After you have the OrgChart created you can then create a rule to display the graphic in the box.

To create a rule, you will go to the data tab, click on markers and select “manage rule”

Click on “New Rule”

Select “Add Criteria” and choose the criteria for the 9 box and click ok, ok again.

Once the rule is set up you will need to go to your data tab and select the “Chart Data Set”

Click on New and name the new field that shows up.

You will change the type field from “text” to “smart Field” From there you will need have the display as a image smart field and select the “add new”

The indicator Item will pop up and let you select the rule you created and browse out for the data graphic.

The graphic is located in the library that is installed with the software. It will come up when you click browse.

Once the graphic is linked to the smart field you can click “ok” and “ok” again

To create different 9 box graphics to display in the boxes you will need to go through this process multiple times. You will want to create individual rules for each of the 9 box graphics you want to display.

Here is a sample of what your indicator items should look like:

You will want to uncheck the “visible” option and then click ok

Once you are all set with you 9 box graphics you can go to your data tab and select the “conditional formatting”

You will select “add new format”

You will select the rule that you want to use within the conditional format.

You will need to reposition the cell positioning to make room for the 9 boxes. For the column in boxes you will want to switch it to “2” then move the name, title or any other information you have displayed currently in the chart to be moved over to the right hand side using your within the cell positioning

You will want to merge the 9 box with the cell below and click ok

You will want to check off the enable the conditional formatting and/or apply the default format if box does not meet any rule.

After Applying the conditional formatting your chart will look like the below: