OrgChart Platinum Videos

Whether just getting started with OrgChart, putting on the finishing touches, or tailoring an OrgChart for a specific purpose, these videos will help you quickly get the most from OrgChart Platinum.

Features of OrgChart Platinum & Professional

An Overview of OrgChart

Creating a chart with drag & drop

Creating a chart with the Import Wizard

Creating an org chart master page

Updating the org chart after data import

How to access or share charts using SharePoint

Publishing your org chart

OrgChart grouping options

Using Smart Fields

PowerPoint vs Orgchart Software

Charting Dotted-Line Reports

Creating & Using Templates in OrgChart

OrgChart Platinum Exclusive Features

Creating & Editing PDF Charts

Overview & Workforce Analytics

Using OrgChart Platinum with SAP

Using OrgChart markers

Conditional formatting in OrgChart

Using the Report Writer to create reports

Using Facial Recognition

Intro to Open Position Management

In-Depth Open Position Management

Using Filters

Scenario Planning

How OrgChart can benefit your organisation

How OrgChart can help your organisation

Strategies for visualising your workforce

Empowering your HR department