Team Based Planning

With management teams increasingly dispersed, and having to work remote from one another, OfficeWork Software has developed a collaboration module to assist teams plan for the future. Planning the deployment of employees and optimising the structure of the workforce is a major responsibility of any human resources department. Being able to visualise the workforce, in the form of a chart, facilitates the understanding of an organisational structure. The OrgChart Now collaboration module makes it easy for the HR brains trust to test different scenarios and see their impacts.

Plan Explorer

The impetus to change an organisation’s structure can come from business objectives such as new employee onboarding, mergers and acquisitions or reorgs. A company may have several different plans they are working on simultaneously for various business units of the organisation. OrgChart Now helps manage and organise these projects by having solutions to lock plans (that are complete), archive plans no longer in use and share plans with role based privileges.

OrgChart Now Plan Explorer

Plan Metrics

Working with the most accurate data and having it displayed in a clear and useful way is an important driver of success in the planning process. What the important metrics are will depend on the business objectives of the plan. Is it to reduce headcount or increase headcount, or perhaps to adjust the span of control or measure diversity? The key metrics can be selected and their changes viewed dynamically as different organisational scenarios are tested.

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OrgChart Now Plan Metrics

OrgChart Now Plan Metrics

Importantly, the data in the chart is synched in real-time to the source HR data so planners aren’t working with outdated information. OrgChart Now connects with many of the most widely used HR software solutions to pull in key employee data points automatically.

Activity Log

Replacing the in-person meeting room as the forum of team based organisational planning is no easy task. OrgChart Now has a number of features to help improve a remote team’s communication. An intuitive interface allows for easy identification of who did what where. Each change to the plan is recorded with a timestamp and the author identified. Comments can be added to the boxes to explain the rationale for a change and changes can be rolled back to the original values or configurations if necessary.

OrgChart Now Edit Tracking

OrgChart Now Edit Tracking

What next?

Start your free OrgChart Now trial today or schedule a demo of the Collaborative Planning module with one of our experts, to find out how HR planners can successfully work together to achieve their business objectives. Collaborating on organisational structure with OrgChart Now’s planning module saves time by reducing communication breakdowns.

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