Talent Management – Shaping Your Company’s Future

It’s no surprise, in the present buoyant job market, that recruiting high quality candidates is the number one challenge faced by 76% of HR managers according to a recent report by Glassdoor. Talent management—the business of recruiting, hiring and retaining employees—has become an important focus for many HR organizations today. How can org chart software be used to manage some of the challenges of talent management? 

Open Positions

Quickly being able to identify open positions is crucial in being able to fill talent gaps quickly and efficiently. Employees come and go constantly for a variety of reasons; resignations, retirements, promotions and relocations. Gaps in the organization need to be identified in real-time and a strategy for filling them put in place immediately. OrgChart’s Open Positions functionality allows gaps in the organization to be easily highlighted and visualized. A candidate’s status—Employee, Candidate, Decline, Open Position—can be toggled and displayed. The effect of open positions on the budget and headcount for that group can be manipulated with drag and drop. Talent measures of present and potential employees such as employee rating, previous salary, years at company can be viewed and assessed. 


Hiring a diverse workplace—in both gender, ethnicity and age—has borne many benefits to companies globally. For example, evidence from a recent study by McKinsey and Company showed that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity in their executive teams showed 21 percent more profitability than those in the fourth quartile. Want to track your company’s diversity metric? Gender Ratio is actually an automatic calculation offered in OrgChart software which naturally provides a ratio of male / female which can be measured across division, department, location or job type to identify imbalances. To understand the age demographics of your organization, OrgChart has an Age Ratio metric built in. The Age Ratio gives a visual snapshot of various age segments and allows the HR professional to track age data as it pertains to other relevant data such as salary treatment, promotions and performance ratings and rankings. Application of the learnings from diversity data supports talent management functions like hiring, compensation, promotions and terminations.

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Health and Wellness Initiatives

The majority of employees appreciate a strong health and wellness focus from the organizations they work for. From survey data conducted by Willis Towers Watson, it comes as no surprise that employees who aren’t actively dealing with health issues are more engaged and demonstrate better attendance than their sick counterparts. Being able to visualize the benefit programs of your organization, their associated costs and the employees’ engagement with them is a crucial first step to optimization. OrgChart software can help by giving a clear visual of your workforce displaying important metrics that can be reported at the individual level but also rolled up at the management level to compare different departments. Inspection of these charts show what programs are popular successes but can also shine a light on underutilised programmes.

Careful analysis of the current state of your organization combined with a clear vision of the future can help HR managers shape the workforce of tomorrow.

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