Three Reasons You Need an Org Chart Now

In today’s rapidly changing business environment it important to be able to adapt to changes quickly. To do so,  an organisation’s structure and key workforce metrics need to be clearly displayed and immediately accessible. The creation of new project teams, reorganisations, reductions in force, mergers and acquisitions, along with break ups and spin-offs are among the workforce initiatives confronted by corporations on a regular basis. It can be daunting to marshal the data needed to effectively plan and implement a strategy for successfully navigating these changes and having access to an up-to-date org chart is key to helping companies respond effectively these and other complex HR projects.

Building Functioning Teams

Building cohesive teams is a key responsibility of management and a driver of company success. Lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project according to 97% of surveyed employees and executives. Having a clear, visual representation of team members and their connections and responsibilities can assist employees understand their roles. A badly communicated organisational structure can result in confusion, uncertainty and even a lack of accountability.

Succession Planning and Career Development

A dynamic org chart can assist in the crucial business of succession planning and career development. 78% of the workforce reported they would stay longer with their employer if they saw a career path with their current organisation (Mercer). Having job skills and competencies hard wired into an org chart allows the HR professional to quickly identify employees who may be high performers or who are in poorly matched teams. Providing employees with a transparent organisational structure, where they are clearly able to see their place and the opportunities ahead, increases their motivation to engage.


Org charts can not only help understand and visualise the workforce composition as it stands today but can also be used to plan the various scenarios of tomorrow. Org chart software, using simple drag and drop functionality, allows HR teams to assess multiple “What-if” scenarios and auto-calculate salary and headcount and other key performance indicators. Whether reorganising a department or opening a new plant, org charts give an enriched knowledge of the present, paving the way for a more confident vision of the future.

OrgChart Now

The typical large organization actively uses over 31 different HR applications, and 33 payroll systems, according to the ADP Research Institute®*. While many of these applications lack the ability to share workforce data with each other and other core business systems, OrgChart Now integrates seamlessly with ADP Workforce Now® and a few dozen other HRIS systems including BambooHR, Namely and other common HRIS platforms, enabling HR data to be instantly displayed in an organisational chart.

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* Harnessing Big Data: The Human Capital Management Journey to Achieving Business Growth, ADP Research Institute, 2015.

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