Using Org Charts for Better Workforce Metrics

A survey by Deloitte conducted in 2020 uncovered that 53 percent of participants reported an increased interest by their leaders in the state of the workplace. Despite this desire for pertinent workforce information, only 11 percent of workplaces were able to produce those metrics in real time. Automating your org charts with an organizational management software like OrgChart allows workplace metrics to be synched to your existing HRIS to present real time data clearly.

Adding calculations to org charts provides people managers additional insights into their workforce. Management can make decisions faster and with more confidence when provided with easy to consume metrics. To take but one example, knowing the number of open requisitions and the average time they stay open allows management to change tactics if hiring is stalled.

OrgChart Now can be used in a similar way to Excel in that it allows the user to create custom metrics as needed. Common workplace metrics include:

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  • Headcount
  • Contractor Count
  • Average Tenure
  • Salary Rollup
  • Span of Control
  • Vacancy Count
  • Span of Control
  • Remote Worker Count

Another issue attracting the attention of more and more leaders is their companies progress on developing a more inclusive workplace. OrgChart is able to pull clear representations of diversity and equity metrics and drill down to specific departments and geographies of an organization to identify areas for improvement.

Another area of interest, especially in industries severely impacted by the pandemic, is headcount and salary. Related metrics such as span of control can examined to investigate areas of the organization that can be made leaner.

Leaders of today desire easy to interpret data on their workplaces. Using OrgChart to visualize data has the advantage of providing up-to-date information already kept in commonly used HR systems in an easy to digest format.

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